The Last Psychiatrist is a mostly-anonymous Forensic Psychiatrist blogger who published blogs on TLP and Partial Objects1 from 2005-2014. He blogged extensively (but not exclusively) on the topic of narcissism. He modernized the term for clinical use as the main character in their own movie. Using many posts drawing on media he described two generations of Narcissists – the Boomers and Gen Xers. Millennials were still his/the Hope for the Future in November 2010.

TLP Narcissism is about convincing the other partial objects/supporting actors in your life that your persona is actually your whole/true Self. It’s a sales pitch, a con job. Alone being a fan of the film Glengarry Glen Ross is of little surprise. When a supporting actor fails to reinforce the persona in the interaction/conversation a narcissistic injury (NI) is incurred. These injuries are due to shame, and as we know shame leads to rage leads to violence, “it is inevitable.”

Alone further explored this concept of ‘A Generational Pathology’ in myriad ways in his 2021 book Sadly,Porn. The book was published on Christmas Day, 2021- seven and a half years after his final blogpost. During this time period Alone compiled enough observation to render judgment about Millennials and perpetuating or reversing generational narcissism. His verdict isn’t pretty. In S,P he describes the results of the previous generations exorcising guilt (Boomers:main character) and shame (Gen X:crowdsourcing the superego). The latest round of adult children of Narcissists are the Millennials who do not know how to want. They only want to know. If one is not free to want they are not free to act. Hence, Millennials do not do anything.


About Alone the persona: The Last Psychiatrist can be referred to as Alone, TLP, or Edward Teach, M.D. – these are all the same guy (but perhaps not precisely the same personas). Alone seems to have had the benefits of a classical education. He is well read in primary sources. He is deeply aware of primary psychoanalytical sources, including Freud. There is much suspicion in certain corners of the internet that he is a Lacanian. His actual identity is irrelevant and will never be discussed here.


Alone always struck me as primarily speaking to Gen X when discussing modern narcissism in the blog. The Millennials weren’t ignored but they were too young; their importance lay in their value as hope for (change in) the future2. Hotel Concierge the writer was the first (and only, at that point in time 2014-2016) Alone disciple to address Millennials directly. HC’s topics and and use of (seemingly sincere) trigger warnings3 reveal a change of audience. Hotel Concierge the site was (in my opinion) deliberately not a blog (it was 2014, they’d become passé)4 and his Authorial Voice seemed younger- perhaps a millennial amongst Millennials as Alone seemed to be a prophet and seer both of and for Gen X.5

I’m pretty convinced that TLP’s use of You when talking to his Narcissistic Audience on the TLP site is specifically addressing his contemporary Gen Xers. Write what you know. Millennials were too young (2005-2014) to have made an impact, in fact they were the hope for the future at the time. Whoops (Sorry about that, Dad). As of Sadly,Porn’s publication in the end of 2021 clearly enough data had been collected to render judgment. And the Boomers are, famously, the Dumbest Generation of Narcissists in the History of the World.


So what’s the point of this blog? I’m not The Last Psychiatrist, but I believe it is worth our effort today to discern, observe, learn, study (and aspirationally even repent from) what the pathologic effects of a fourth successive generation of narcissism are. With no guilt, no shame, and no ability to act or to want what mutations will we encounter as pathologic Narcissism adapts itself for Gen Z? It is urgent that we understand this so we can do Change.


1 alongside fellow psychiatrist Pastabagel

2 in fact, the blog seldom ever gave direct advice about what a Narcissist ought to do to Heal/improve their lot (read: the lot of those lives in their direct orbit). Help the greater humanity, the next generation at the time, the Millennials – mentoring as the best hope for something resembling redemption

3 unlike Alone in his Second Best Tweet

4 Am I alone in finding it a peculiar synchronicity that the HC blog began in May 2014, the exact same month that Who Bullies the Bullies was published? Probably not the same guy. Many conspiracy theories about the author’s identity from 2014-2016 on the last psychiatrist subreddit.

5 I have no idea who Hotel Concierge is and have never spoken to him. Hello and thank you for everything if you’re reading this, I’m a big fan. Hit me up. AnalysandNT at gmail or @ AnalysandNT.