It’s not about him. Or him.

I opened twitter this morning because, despite years of analysis, I still hate myself and discovered a new acronym: MAID, aka Medical Assistance (or aid) In Dying. This isn’t a new subject, anyone who was Gen Y or older could mustily recall the scandals and trial of Dr. Kevorkian in the 90s. His nocturnal activities led to Oregon becoming weirder than it already was.

Dr. Death had nothing to do with today’s timeline activities; instead The Youth Today are looking forward to looking nowhere at all. Arguments pro and con along political/generational lines ensued in predictably boring ways.

On the one hand – who can blame them? The Last Psychiatrist wrote extensively about three successive generations of Narcissists (the boomers, Gen X, and Millenials). We can safely add Gen Z to this list. Sadly,Porn expounded upon this point. One of the themes of the book is describing how each generation further succumbed to rot. Boomers needed to litigate guilt out of existence to internally justify their behaviors. Through doubling down on pathologic narcissism, adopting the role of the main character in their own movie, they were successful. Left with the residual shame, Gen X found a solution (called crowdsourcing the superego). Millennials, lacking both, dare not know their dreams and do not know how to want, but they crave the anxiolytic comfort of “knowing” everything else.

The effects of all this on Gen Z is still to be determined, but amidst the waves of transitioning, gender fluidity, and now MAID some patterns of new behaviors are emerging. Millennials may not know how to want, how to act, but there is still the inherent Narcissistic core desire to protect the true self with suggestible personas that need external reinforcement. Gen Z so hates themselves that the rules governing identity itself are under attack – what does it mean to untether sexual preference from gender? What does it mean to be gendered? What does it mean to neuter into irrelevance (not for the first time) previously useful medical terms like trauma or spectrum?

I don’t know those answers but I can tell you that every (male) psychiatrist I ever worked with kept their mouths shut during grand rounds where a pre-op trans patient was the keynote guest. In private, hushed tones away from the ears of the social workers they’d affirm how ridiculous this all is, how transvestitism is a paraphilia, how these surgeries set dangerous precedent, how insane it is to back this folie a monde.

Of course it is insane. The problem is this conversation falls neatly into the trap Alone described to us over and over again – in choosing to debate/become enraged you’ve accepted the form and terms of the argument. In this case the real argument seems increasingly to be a generation’s Ego’s attack on Identity Itself, rather then the increasing numbers of guys wanting to get their penis medically restructured. Though trans-as-persona inspires the most shock and the most rage to older society through their outward physical changes, the poison is the idea that Identity Itself is so meaningless that we can do away with it by doing what we want with it, including mutilation and dress up.

All of the externalities of transdom are distraction; an intense distraction you can’t look away from, can’t ignore, but distraction. Used to be we got the same rise out of nose rings, punk outfits, short skirts, ankles showing, but the more we give into our Shadow Lovers the fewer boundaries remain.

An important distinction also – unlike homosexuality (banned by DSMs 1 & 2 until 1973) there is no animal analogue for these trans-as-persona behaviors in Nature. If we abolish all the rules of identity we can’t define identity. If we can’t define identity we can’t debate identity. If we can’t debate identity then we’ve added a further layer of defense atop the work of the three generations prior against change. We’ll come back to this idea again and again in this blog I am certain.

How does MAID fit into this? It is a literal death to distract from the absolutely critical emotional, spiritual, metaphysical death demanded by the infant tyrant inside. These young women may actually get their wish, God knowing that psychiatry can find justification to give it to them eventually (ie, before Gen Alpha rises). Midlevels don’t take the Hippocratic Oath anyway.1

1The schools that do actually have them take an oath don’t even use the original text, it’s a custom hack job. Perhaps this is because the original Oath forbids physician assistance in suicide and abortion.